Academy news Oct 17

Bonjour la gang,

La saison approche et je vais rencontrer les superviseurs bientôt, question de se recauser et ajustée nos plans pour l’entrainement / recrutement ainsi que le pré-stage.

Before going into our winter planning, I would like to thank Denis Lacroix, adult and 101 coordinator. Denis has been with us for many years, as an instructor, supervisor, course conductor and all-around team player.

Denis also was instrumental in creating the Norm Grondin Foundation, to raise funds for deserving TAs and help with cost of their level one course.

Join me in thanking Denis and wishing him a good ski season.

See you on snow Denis 😊

If a TA ( 13 14) please contact TA coordinator 

If you are new and not yet certified.

Consider taking our pre course to help prepare you for the CSIA or CASI level 1. On the 26th or 27th of Nov. the pro room will be open to accept registration and answer questions. 10 am to 1 pm

If you are a returning instructor:

You are invited to drop by the pro room on either the 19th 18th or the 26th 27th of Nov between 10 am and 1 pm

  • Get forms filled in
  • Proof of certification
  •  Discuss and confirm commitment.
  • Verify coordinates
  • Pick up coat and have your Pass reloaded. If all of the above is confirmed.

New certified instructors

Contact me at  , be sure you read the blog. Take part in the dec training, this is when you get the chance to meet supervisors and learn about the various programs and the operations of our school.

Les journées du 3, 4, 10 et 11 déc., sont très importante pour tous et je vous encourage à y être le plus possible.

The big question is what do we expect?

If a weekend instructor, we expect 1 consistent day per weekend, minimum.

If a weekday instructor. We expect 2 full days per week, minimum.

We may need to guide you to a day where we need more staff.

We do expect you to be available to teach on any given day you are here, if needed.

We do expect you to do what you say you will do, thus lessening the need to ask others to do more.

Francois Bernier

Directeur, Service Sportifs/Director, Sports Services

Tel.819-827-1717 poste 2204

Mob/Cell 819-664-2471

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